“Most Affiliates Are Lazy…
Why Make Them Work To Promote Your Products?”

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2012
Name: Frank Deardurff III – That One Web Guy!
Re: Easy Affiliate Pages

Would you be pleased if you made 10, 25 or even
50% more from your affiliates each and every month?

I will share with you in just a moment a way where you could make that possible. I’ve seen this problem time and time again, where you set up affiliate links, banners and sample emails in your ecommerce system or shopping cart. Then you send an email to your affiliates so they can get the affiliate tools and wait for sales to start happening. Then when you’re not getting the results you find out that the affiliates are having difficulty getting to the resources you’ve assembled because your current system is either password protected or hard to find and navigate.

That is why the Affiliate Toolbox was created, to give you an easy way to assemble your affiliate tools in one location and make it even easier for your affiliates to get their affiliate resources in a few simple clicks. No logins, no searching, they simply visit YOUR site, decide which tool works best for their promotion efforts and copy and paste and their good to go.

WP Affiliate Toolbox was created from our existing application “Affiliate Tool Generator” which has been used by marketers online for many years now. The biggest difference is that this version is a WordPress plugin to make it even easier for you to create your affiliate tool page.

Here are some of the features for WP Affiliate Toolbox:

  • WordPress Plugin – This is important as many of today’s sites are built on the WordPress platform because of how easy it is to create a website with WordPress so we felt it necessary to release this as a plugin. One of the best benefits of this being a plugin is that it better integrates with the look and feel of your existing website since it integrates with your theme.
  • Smart Navigation – Our system only shows navigation for the tools you provide. If you only added banners it only shows the banner links if you add PPC ads it shows a link for that resource as well. This was done to simplify your resource page for your affiliates to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Unlimited Tool Types – It doesn’t matter what kind of affiliate tools you want or need to add we have you covered. Not only do we already have the most popular tool types to chose from such as banners, emails, PPC, articles and more, we also allow you to add additional tool types to meet your needs.
  • One Button Click Simple – When your affiliate visits the page their affiliate tools are populated by entering the affiliate ID and clicking the button. Their tools are instantly populated with their ID ready for them to copy and paste how ever they plan to promote for you.
  • Ecommerce Integration – Our system was created in away that it works with just about any affiliate and ecommerce system. We’ve found this to work any system that utilizes an ID in their linking system.

As you can see there are several features that makes this so easy for you and your affiliate to use. We’ve come to learn that most affiliates are lazy and want to work as little as possible to make as much as they can from promoting your products. By utilizing a system that integrates with your site so that you keep your brand recognition, and its so easy for your affiliates to use it only makes sense that you will increase your affiliate sales much quicker than before and since this works with just about any affiliate program or shopping carts affiliate links there is only one thing left to do and that is to get your copy now.

You’ve already wasted enough time working with hard to use systems that are hard for your affiliates to find and use. Why wait any longer to improve your affiliate sales today buy ordering your copy of WP Affiliate Toolbox?

Single Site License
  • Use on ONE single site or domain which you personally own.
  • Lifetime Updates

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